Advanced Technical Ceramics Manufacturing

Plus Precision Machining of Polyurethane, Metals & Plastics

Advanced Technical Ceramic Manufacturing
Plus Precision Machining of Polyurethane, Metals & Plastics

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Manufacturing Applications

RocCera’s advanced technical ceramics are ideally suited for a wide variety of manufacturing applications:

  • Wear and corrosion resistant parts
    • Scrubber Nozzles – superior chemical and wear resistance of RTZ enables longer service life
    • Grinding Mill Liners, Agitators, Screws, Rollers – excellent wear resistance of RTZ helps creating less wear debris and therefore less contamination
    • Capstan Rollers and Wire Guide Rollers – Wear resistance, corrosion resistance and lighter weight as compared to steel are beneficial to improve productivity
    • Ball and Faucet Valves – ceramics are used to provide excellent sealing quality and superior wear resistance.
  • High temperature application parts
    • Welder and Burner Nozzles – superior heat resistance of alumina improves productivity
    • Laser torch mount, high temperature sleeves (>2000 oC) and heat treating fixtures.
  • Ultrasonic horns
    • Ceramic inserts for welding and sealing
  • Cutting edges
    • Slitting, cutting and perforating papers and plastics – longer life and corrosion resistance better than steel
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