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Advanced Technical Ceramic Manufacturing
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Road Rocs Ceramic Snow Plow Shoes

RocCera’s patented ceramic wear pad technology is used to design and fabricate Road Rocs Snow Plow Shoes with ceramic inserts.

Road Rocs Advantages

  • Last 5 to 8 times longer than steel
  • Run more quietly for driver safety
  • Reduce neighborhood noise
  • Reduce labor costs (fewer changes)
  • Reduce purchasing costs (fewer buys)
  • Reduce waste (fewer replacements)

Road Rocs Snow Plow Shoes are manufactured from Roccera’s hardest, toughest ceramic. In product trials, Road Rocs have lasted three seasons and are still running (compared to steel shoes which required multiple changes each year).

RocCera ceramic inserts were initially brazed onto a standard steel shoe and placed in service on rural roads (2/3rd dirt and 1/3rd paved ) in upstate New York. At the end of each season (and miles of snow plowing), the ceramic shoes showed little sign of wear and the steel shoes were destroyed.

“Cheers to RocCera for inventing a snow plow shoe that doesn’t need replacing a multiple times a year!

We run our plows on asphalt and gravel roads, and the RocCera snowplow shoes last longer than anything we have ever used.”

Rick Hollis, Supervisor • Town of Granger • Allegany County, New York


Lower Your Costs with Extended Product Life

RocCera’s advanced ceramic material addresses high temperature, corrosion and abrasion that restricts the life of steel manufacturing components. With RocCera advanced technical ceramic manufacturing and machining, we are able to improve manufacturing product and/or process by extending component life and reducing the frequency of service.

RocCera took that knowledge and patented a ceramic insert in a snow plow shoe. We have saved large companies millions of dollars with its ceramic technology. Contact us today and let us show you have you can save money with Road Rocs Ceramic Snow Plow Shoes.

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