Advanced Technical Ceramic Manufacturing
Plus Precision Machining of Polyurethane and Plastics

Advanced Technical Ceramic Manufacturing
Plus Precision Machining of Polyurethane & Plastics

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Overview: Services

RocCera will work with customers as a team to meet their specific demands for application of advanced ceramic in a product or processing equipment for improved performance and longer life. We will design, build prototypes and manufacture low, medium or high volume ceramic components. Our broad experience of implementing advanced ceramic as a longer lasting replacement material for a variety of applications will help you to be competitive in the marketplace.

Research and Development

We have more than thirty years of experience in developing new materials and processes, designing ceramic components for specific applications and building prototypes for performance evaluation. Visit Research & Development.

Rapid Prototyping

Our dedicated team of product development specialists is ready to assist you in the material selection, design and manufacture of your advanced technical ceramics needs. Visit Rapid Prototyping.

Ceramic Coating

For many applications ceramic coating is a cost effective alternative to overcome the premature failure due to wear, abrasion and corrosion.Visit Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic Machining

We provide precision ceramic machining services for all ceramic materials, and we can machine advanced ceramic materials to very fine tolerances. Visit Ceramic Machining.

Precision Polyurethane Machining

No one is better at machining polyurethane and plastic than we are. With our CAD/CAM System, 35 years of machining expertise and our multimaterial experience, we can machine your parts precisely to your specifications. Visit Precision Polyurethane Machining.

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