Advanced Technical Ceramics Manufacturing

Plus Precision Machining of Polyurethane, Metals & Plastics

Advanced Technical Ceramic Manufacturing
Plus Precision Machining of Polyurethane, Metals & Plastics

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Ceramic Coating Services | Rochester NY

For many applications ceramic coating is a cost effective alternative to overcome the premature failure due to wear, abrasion and corrosion. We will work with you in selecting highly durable ceramic and carbide coatings applied by thermal spray processes.

We provide coating services using wire arc, plasma, HVOF, and activated combustion HVAF (AC-HVAF). RocCera has the in-house expertise to cost-effectively manufacture many oxide based advanced technical ceramics. Many proprietary and patented ceramic technologies give us a competitive edge.

About RocCera

RocCera, LLC is a manufacturer of advanced ceramic components based in Rochester, New York. Our advanced ceramic technology was developed in Kodak under the leadership of Dr. Sam Ghosh, who founded our company in 2006.

Today, with the 35 years of machining experience and multi-material fabrication expertise, RocCera is truly your one stop source for ceramic coating, and precision manufacturing/machining of advanced ceramics, steel and polyurethane components.Visit Company Profile

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