Advanced Technical Ceramics Manufacturing

Plus Precision Machining of Polyurethane, Metals & Plastics

Advanced Technical Ceramic Manufacturing
Plus Precision Machining of Polyurethane, Metals & Plastics

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Ceramics Research and Development | Rochester, NY

Consider RocCera for advanced ceramics research and development. Our team has more than thirty years of experience in developing new materials and processes, designing ceramic components for specific applications and building prototypes for performance evaluation. We work with many customers as a team to develop, design and manufacture ceramic components for a wide range of applications.

We have developed and manufactured many unique ceramic components for our customers. Examples include ceramic inserts for ultrasonic welding horns, fixture for laser optics, HTHP (high temperature high pressure) device, compaction tools, ink jet printing head, and fuel cells (SOFC).

About RocCera

RocCera, LLC is a manufacturer of advanced ceramic components based in Rochester, New York. Our advanced ceramic technology was developed in Kodak under the leadership of Dr. Sam Ghosh. He left Eastman Kodak Company in 2006, where he worked for twenty-five years in various organizations including R&D and manufacturing. He was the most prolific inventor in Kodak holding more than 150 patents. He has more than 30 years industrial experience involving metallic, polymeric, and ceramic materials.

Today, with 35 years of machining experience and multi-material fabrication expertise, RocCera is truly your one stop source for precision manufacturing and machining of advanced ceramics, steel and polyurethane components.Visit Company Profile.

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